In Jan 2019, while at The Graph Day 2019 in SF, I caught Tara Tan’s presentation on designing for users in crypto. I immediately thought it was powerful.

A combination of data that lay the problem bare (e.g. 42 or so user steps to use Maker DAO) and allegories that made the subject relatable (e.g. the bicycle being a fringe technology until it became user friendly - read: dominant design) carried an important message through; crypto needs design thinking for the next 1M of users to hop on board. But perhaps more important than the message, was the delivery; a succinct, cogent and well designed presentation which proves the message’s point in this case.

Intrigued, a few months later I got in touch: “hey - loved your presentation at The Graph Day, let’s connect and see if there’s common ground we can work on together”. Fast forward to June 2019 we had a plan to draw up a report on the state of adoption in crypto. We quickly realised that in order to create something impactful, but also true to the facts and thin in bias, we would need help.

Enter the State of Adoption 2019/2020: a collaborative report on the state of things in crypto, pulling data and insights from world class operators (e.g. Bison Trails, River Financial), investors (e.g IDEOVC, Outlier Ventures), data co’s (e.g. Token Analyst, Dune Analytics), native to the cryptoasset ecosystem.

With this piece of work, we aim to align investors and entrepreneurs already active in the space, but also intrigue and inspire those that are curious, with respect to where we have been, where we are at and where the opportunities lie ahead.